Send invitations for an event

To help you manage communication with people using a calendar, you can send invitations for an event. Invitations are e-mail messages sent to a list of selected invitees. After invitations are sent, you can use the calendar to track responses and identify who is planning to attend your event.

Sending invitations is a process that involves three distinct steps.

To send invitations for an event (page owners)

  1. Follow standard steps to add an event to your calendar.

    For detailed information on this step, see Add events to your calendar.

  2. When you're done defining event information, click the Invitations tab.

  3. In the blue header, click the Add button.

    The Select Person form appears.

  4. In the Last Name box, type the last name of the first person you want to invite and click Go.

  5. Select the person from the list of results and click OK.

    The person is added to the invitee list.

  6. Repeat the steps above to add all the people you want to invite.

  7. Next, use the Notifications tab in the Site Administration page to create a message template.

    For more detailed information about this task, see About message templates and Create a message template.

  8. In the middle of the blue header, click the E-mail button.

    The Email Job Details form appears.

  9. In the From box, type your e-mail address.

  10. In the Reply To box, type the e-mail address you want to use to receive any responses from your recipients.

  11. In the Subject box, type a subject for your invitation.

  12. Next to Message Template, click the Ellipses (...) button. In the Template Name box, type the name of your template and click Go.

  13. From the list of results, select the template you want to use and click OK.

  14. If you want to add a note to the end of your message, type your text in the Ad Hoc Notes box. Notes are added to the end of any content that exists in your message template.

  15. If you have any attachments you want to include, click the Add button next to Attachments. In the Resource Name box, type the name of the document you want to attach and click Go. Select your document from the list of results and click OK.

  16. Click OK.

    Your invitation is sent. You can track and record responses from each invitee using the Response column on the Invitations tab.