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This site allows the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) faculty and researcher staff to submit, track, report and archive applications involving funding proposals as well as human subject, animal, and biological safety-related research conducted at MCW. For MCW Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), this site enables effective management of federal and local regulatory requirements by monitoring the flow of information and the associated activities and tasks for all submissions. Lastly, eBridge optimizes the review process for researchers and committees.

Special Covid-19 Notice............Special Covid-19 Notice............Special Covid-19 Notice............Special Covid-19 Notice

IMPORTANT!  Due to concern and challenges related to accessing COVID-19 patients at Froedtert Hospital, investigators seeking to enroll COVID-19 positive inpatients at Froedtert Hospital should discuss in advance their needs with the site-specific research committees that approve such studies for the MICU, Inpatient, and/or Emergency Department.

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